What We Do


Flipping your expectations about wedding coordination upside down since right now!


What we're about...
Sassy Little Bee wedding coordinators are here to help engaged couples tap into their hearts to plan a truly meaningful wedding that also happens to be stunning and unforgettable and beyond their highest expectations.

Who We are...
The SLB team is an authentic & humorous bunch of life-savers who truly love:  
​-couples who are nauseatingly enamored with each other
-crazy coincidences 
-thoughtful details
-personalizing traditions (& creating new ones)
-prioritizing experiences over things
 -rich color palettes

What others have to say about us: 
Most folks say "We  knew from the moment we first sat down together that you were the perfect fit for us!" and other awesome things. See for yourself by clicking the links below.

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